Magic the Gathering is an international game, with players all over the world. Most of the game’s product is in English – why not take advantage of that to help in your language learning? There’s plenty of interesting vocabulary on a Magic card!

For example, here’s some of the words and phrases an English-learner can get from one of Amonkhet’s big name rare cards: Anointed Procession.

Image result for Anointed procession
The Card Name:

  • Anointed (adjective) – blesssed with holy oil.

e.g “Elizabeth was anointed when she became queen.”


  • Procession (noun) –

1. a crowd of people, moving together in an orderly way, often connected with religion.

e.g “There was a procession through the town after the funeral.”


2. an endlesss series of people/ things.

e.g. “She had a procession of emails to answer this morning.”


So, Anointed Procession’s card name means something like “an endless crowd of people, blessed with holy oil, that are moving in an orderly way”.

That sounds right!

Image result for Anointed procession

The Flavour Text:

“The gods may walk among the people, but they are not with them.” – Gideon Jura


  • to walk among the people – (idiom) – An old-fashioned way of saying that someone joined a crowd or moved into a crowd (often religious or mythological).

e.g. “Jesus walked among the people of Jerusalem.”


  • to be with the people – (idiom) – to support normal or working class people, usually in connection with politics.

e.g. “John was a popular politician, because he always seemed to be with the people.”


What do you think?:

1. Would you play this card in EDH? With what Commander?

2. Can you think of any combos with “Annointed Procession”?

3. Is this a good card?



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