Magic the Gathering is an international game, with players all over the world. Most of the game’s product is in English – why not take advantage of that to help in your language learning? There’s plenty of interesting vocabulary on a Magic card!

For example, here’s some of the words and phrases an English-learner can get from one of Amonkhet’s big name rare cards: Cascading Cataracts.

Cascading Cataracts

The Card Name:

Cascading Cataracts

  • to cascade (verb) – to move downwards like water, very quickly and powerfully (like a waterfall).

e.g. “I spilled my bottle, and water cascaded down the stairs.”

Synonyms: pour,gush, surge.


  • Cataracts – a series of large and powerful waterfalls, the most famous being the ones on the river Nile in Egypt.


Image result for cascading cataracts art

The Flavour Text:

“The power that flows here cannot be denied. But where is the source?” – Nissa Revane


  • to flow (verb) = to move like water.

e.g “The river flows to the sea.”

Synomyns: to run, to course, to stream.


  • to deny (verb) = to say that something doesn’t exist or isn’t true.

e.g. “Mary said Paul was sleeping with Susie, but he denied it.”

Synonyms: to counter, to contradict, to repudiate.


  • source (noun) = where something begins or starts.

e.g “A broken wire was the source of the problem.”

Synonyms: origin, genesis, starting point.


What do you think?:

1. Is this a good card?

2. What uses can you think of for an indestructible land?

3. Would you play Cascading Cataracts in EDH? With what Commander?




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