Magic the Gathering is an international game, with players all over the world. Most of the game’s product is in English – why not take advantage of that to help in your language learning? There’s plenty of interesting vocabulary on a Magic card!

For example, here’s some of the words and phrases an English-learner can get from one of Amonkhet’s rare cards: Harvest Season.

The Card Name:

Harvest Season

  • to harvest (verb) – to gather/collect something, usually crops (plants grown to be food).

e.g. “We harvested the wheat last year, to save it for the winter. ”

Synonyms: to reap, to pick, to collect.


  • Harvest Season (noun) – the time of the year when the crops are fully grown, and ready to be gathered. Usually in the months of October and November.

(The card name is probably also a reference to the  Season of the Harvest, the third and final season of the Ancient Egyptian calendar:


Eagle-eyed readers may also notice that these mentions of crops being harvested, or reaped, in a certain correct season or time determined by the position of the sun, connects back in some interesting ways to the main storyline of the Amonkhet block…

Image result for harvest season mtg

The Flavour Text:

A true reflection of nature: death fostering life.


  • a reflection (noun) = a repeated image or copy, seen in another place or context.

e.g “His organised desk was a reflection of his orderly personality”

Synomyns: mirror image, likeness.


  • to foster (verb) = to help something else to develop or grow.

e.g. “A teacher’s job is to foster children’s learning.”

Synonyms: to encourage, to cultivate, to nurture.



What do you think?:

1. Is this a good card?

2. How do you think it connects to the overall Amonkhet story?

3. Would you play “Harvest Season” in EDH? With what Commander?



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