Magic the Gathering is an international game, with players all over the world. Most of the game’s product is in English – why not take advantage of that to help in your language learning? There’s plenty of interesting vocabulary on a Magic card!

For example, here’s some of the words and phrases an English-learner can get from one of Amonkhet’s rare cards: Sandwurm Convergence.

The Card Name:

Sandwurm Convergence

  • a convergence – a place where things (in this case, Sandwurms) meet, join, or connect.

e.g. “There was a convergence of storm clouds over Paris yesterday. ”

Synonyms: intersection, confluence, meeting point.


Image result for Sandwurm Convergence art


The Flavour Text:

Cantankerous and territorial, sandwurms claim even the skies above their dunes.


  • cantankerous (adjective) = often angry and difficult to deal with.

e.g “I don’t visit John’s house often – his father is a bit cantankerous.”

Synomyns: grouchy, grumpy, cranky, crabby.


  • territorial (adjective) = aggressively defending a place (or sometimes a thing) you own.

e.g. “My dog is a bit territorial about our garden, so be careful when you come in the gate. ”

Synonyms: defensive, protective, jealous.


  • to claim(verb) = to try to take something for yourself.

e.g. “Paul claimed the last pizza slice, and nobody stopped him.”

Synonyms: to take, to demand, to requisition.


What do you think?:

1. Is this a good card?

2. Does this card make you think of Dune?

3. What are your favourite Sandwurms from movies/books/tv series? (I always liked the ones from Tremors, or maybe Onix from Pokemon?)

3. Would you play “Sandwurm Convergence” in EDH? With what Commander?



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