Magic the Gathering is an international game, with players all over the world. Most of the game’s product is in English – why not take advantage of that to help in your language learning? There’s plenty of interesting vocabulary on a Magic card!

For example, here’s some of the words and phrases an English-learner can get from one of Amonkhet’s high-performing common cards: Forsake the Worldly.

The Card Name:

Forsake the Worldly


  • to forsake (verb) = Old English way to say “abandon” or “give up” – to completely stop doing or being interested in something (often used in a religious or mythological context).

e.g. “Forsake your quest!!” the old wizard cried.

Synonyms: to quit, to abandon, to renounce.


  • worldly (adjective) = the opposite of spiritual: connected with real, everyday life.

e.g. “The monk simply had no time for wordly things.”

Synonyms: earthly, terrestrial, material.

Image result for forsake the worldly art


The Flavour Text:

“Why cling to these trappings? They are but tools and affectations. True wealth can be possessed only in the afterlife.”


  • to cling to something (verb) = to hold something very tightly.

e.g “On a crowded train, Mary clings to her bag with both hands.”

Synomyns: to to clutch, to grip, to clasp.


  • Trappings (noun) = outward appearances, usually clothes or ornaments, that may not show/ reflect your true character.

e.g “His new office had all the trappings of success, but in reality they were almost bankrupt.”

Synomyns: Appearances, Finery, Effects.


  • Affectation (noun) = some fake behaviour or way of acting, done to make yourself look good and impress other people.

e.g “He smoked cigars as an affectation – he thought it made him look cool.”

Synomyns: Pose, Facade, Pretension.


  • Wealth (noun) = having a lot of money, or valuable things.

e.g “Tim’s wealth allowed him to travel all over the world.”

Synomyns: Riches, Means, Affluence.


  • to possess (verb) = to have or own something.

e.g “John knew Mary possessed a large amount of money, and that was why he was interested in her…”

Synomyns: to hold, to own, to have.

What do you think?:

1. Is this a good card?

2.  How do you feel about the Cycling mechanic?

3. Have you used “Forsake the Worldly” in any of your draft decks? How was it?

4.  Would you play this card in EDH? With what Commander?



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